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Play Halo games online! We host the biggest Halo Flash Game collection on the net. You can create your own Halo scenes, fight against covenant forces, and even go fishing with Masterchief - there's a game for every Halo fan!

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Go grab the enemy flag in this horizontally scrolling funny Halo Flash game.
Plays: 1216509
Enhanced version of the Halo 2 battle situation-builder.
Plays: 900613
First 2 levels from Halo 2 in oldskool platform (GameBoy) style :]
Plays: 846235
Shoot the Covenant forces appearing near the base in Death Island.
Plays: 698220
Add your face to Master Chiefs visor.
Plays: 570616
Escape the city with allied forces and catch Regret!
Plays: 552546
Blast those Warthog's in the air and try to hit the ugly flood-dud3rz.
Plays: 481328
Sounds and phrases by Grunts from Halo.
Plays: 438222
Chase banshees with Warthog in this vertical scrolling Shoot-em-up
Plays: 392108
Pimp your Warthog!
Plays: 376325
Plays: 373487
Make Master Chief... erm... Look like what you want!
Plays: 361863
Make your own Halo battle scene.
Plays: 354057
Cartoonic Halo Flash Game where objective is to melee opponent before he snipes your Flag carrier.
Plays: 347995
Create your own battle situations with Halo 2 sprites.
Plays: 334153
Another 'pimp a warthog' game.
Plays: 290099
Cool Blood Gulch based Halo Shooter from 1st person view, Backgrounds look dull, but the recorded ingame MC anims are ok. Hard game!
Plays: 283319
Build your own pixel-Covenants.
Plays: 282389
A fanmade Halo Flash Game from Alex. This has Campaign Missions, challenges and more.
Plays: 270965

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