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Play Halo games online! We host the biggest Halo Flash Game collection on the net. You can create your own Halo scenes, fight against covenant forces, and even go fishing with Masterchief - there's a game for every Halo fan!

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Escape the city with allied forces and catch Regret!
Plays: 552822
Banshee invasion! Shoot 'em down!
Plays: 119442
Chase banshees with Warthog in this vertical scrolling Shoot-em-up
Plays: 392218
Add your face to Master Chiefs visor.
Plays: 571097
Another 'pimp a warthog' game.
Plays: 290183
Take down Banshees with the Warthog gunner in this demo version.
Plays: 27801
A minimalist Halo Dress-Up game where you get to pimp up an Elite character from the Halo game series.
Plays: 10599
Methados has created some cool outfits and props for you to dress-up a covenant Elite, enjoy!
Plays: 55052
A fanmade Halo Flash Game from Alex. This has Campaign Missions, challenges and more.
Plays: 271397
More of a fixed version than a totally new game of the Flash Halo which includes a campaign and challenge game modes.
Plays: 17791
Go grab the enemy flag in this horizontally scrolling funny Halo Flash game.
Plays: 1218555
Flood just keeps coming! Shoot 'em all!
Plays: 144474
Help Masterchief to destroy Covenant Elites using your Ghost.
Plays: 35486
Grunt invasion! Shoot 'em down!
Plays: 194138
Shoot as many Grunts from Halo as you can in 30 seconds!
Plays: 7598
First 2 levels from Halo 2 in oldskool platform (GameBoy) style :]
Plays: 846532
Following the Xbox hit Halo, Halo 2 changed the console FPS world. Listen to the classic sounds and phrases from the game.
Plays: 10461
Create your own battle situations with Halo 2 sprites.
Plays: 334272
Enhanced version of the Halo 2 battle situation-builder.
Plays: 901348
Halo for Atari 2600 (honest!), amazing! This is the online version. Check author url for more info.
Plays: 80378

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