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Play Halo games online! We host the biggest Halo Flash Game collection on the net. You can create your own Halo scenes, fight against covenant forces, and even go fishing with Masterchief - there's a game for every Halo fan!

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Help Masterchief to defeat his covenant enemies in this cartoony 2d sidescroller.
Plays: 19661
Stay alive as long as possible by killing the Flood.
Plays: 27913
Shoot Elites, Grunts, Flood and more in this fan made shoot-em-up.
Plays: 33477
3D'ish autoscrolling
Plays: 253043
Flood just keeps coming! Shoot 'em all!
Plays: 144474
Chase banshees with Warthog in this vertical scrolling Shoot-em-up
Plays: 392218
Try to complete various missions with your Warthog in this Bird's Eye-view scrolling game.
Plays: 191962
More of a fixed version than a totally new game of the Flash Halo which includes a campaign and challenge game modes.
Plays: 17791
Weird Halo shooter with even weirder collision detection :)
Plays: 21476
Madda Cheeb goes on in this horizontally scrolling shooter adventure.
Plays: 128136
Time to grab your Assault Rifle and Shoot down the falling flood in Halo: Combat Devolved!
Plays: 14191
Organize your Halo tournaments.
Plays: 15166
Try to match three or more Halo icons to get a chain reaction, go for combos for more points.
Plays: 11394
Move the plasma ball to correct position as fast as you can to gain points.
Plays: 15786
Feel the heat in this 2D Halo Slayer game. fight as a Masterchief against waves of Covenant using familiar Halo weapons or your bare hands.
Plays: 72764
Build your own pixel-Covenants.
Plays: 282543
Another 'pimp a warthog' game.
Plays: 290183
Elites in Halo speak backwards. With this program you can hear the originals and the trnaslations!
Plays: 251923

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