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Play Halo games online! We host the biggest Halo Flash Game collection on the net. You can create your own Halo scenes, fight against covenant forces, and even go fishing with Masterchief - there's a game for every Halo fan!

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Play as a UNSC sword fighter and scrimmage in space against the covenant. DEMO VERSION!
Plays: 25405
Cool Blood Gulch based Halo Shooter from 1st person view, Backgrounds look dull, but the recorded ingame MC anims are ok. Hard game!
Plays: 283319
Shoot Needlering Grunts with pistol on Ice Fields
Plays: 214741
Shoot the covenant forces, do not let anyone escape, you have 5 lives!
Plays: 13978
Shoot covenant forces as they appear before they get you.
Plays: 12310
Frag the Retro-Doom dudes!
Plays: 144328
Destroy the Covenant Banshees with your Pelican in this horizontal shoot-em-up.
Plays: 8139
Shoot down Covenant Banshees with your Hornet while dodging their bullets.
Plays: 9831
Halo for Atari 2600 (honest!), amazing! This is the online version. Check author url for more info.
Plays: 80287
Make your own custom Halo Emblem just like in the game.
Plays: 24054
Banshee invasion! Shoot 'em down!
Plays: 119390
Classic card matching game with Halo theme.
Plays: 11768
Beat'em up with Masterchief/Spartan like figures.
Plays: 50023
Press the buttons to find out Master Chief's true identity!
Plays: 31464
Take down Banshees with the Warthog gunner in this demo version.
Plays: 27726

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