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Action Games

Action Games - Action Flash Games

Action games are a perfect way to relieve some stress! Playing action Flash games, you can concentrate more on the "do" than "think".

All games tagged with "action"

Mario Musketeers
Plays: 6483
Human Apocalypse
Plays: 2230
Photon Baby
Plays: 3785
Transylmania II
Plays: 52507
Stick Strike
Plays: 10306
Mario Gauntlet
Plays: 6795
Mario Large Melee
Plays: 2686
Super Bandit Bros
Plays: 46363
Vampire Scent
Plays: 21757
Sharp Trigger
Plays: 18030
Flash Halo CTF
Plays: 1212130
Halo Galaxies 2
Plays: 154000
Melee Combat
Plays: 347692
UNSC Spirit Of Fire
Plays: 133664
Mario Combat
Plays: 54156
Halo Flash: The Raid
Plays: 217174
Bat Outta Hell!
Plays: 16763
Ghost Raid
Plays: 35076
Deep Freeze
Plays: 7323
Aggressive Attack
Plays: 4758
Vampire Archery
Plays: 1959
Tomb Defender
Plays: 3179
Mine Dungeons
Plays: 1498
Halo 2 arcade
Plays: 845438
16-bit Halo
Plays: 552030
Mario Combat Deluxe
Plays: 18197
Run N Gun: Halo
Plays: 19461
The Flood
Plays: 27603
Call of Bieber
Plays: 24950
Banshee Chase
Plays: 391800
Warthog Deployed
Plays: 191673
Mario Monster Truck
Plays: 10609
Super Mario Hardcore
Plays: 12377
Plays: 282742
Halo Sword Fighter
Plays: 25233
Bloody Chase
Plays: 7085
Spiderman Jump 2
Plays: 9421
Plays: 9659
Luigi's Mansion
Plays: 70615
Plays: 6598
Rescue Mary Jane
Plays: 824659
Halo 2600
Plays: 80051
Plays: 622604
Doc Ock Rampage
Plays: 466644
Jetski Mario
Plays: 5547
Spiderman Wanted 2
Plays: 2934
Mario Amazing Jump
Plays: 2804
Save the Spiderman
Plays: 3181
Pelican Wars
Plays: 6438
Mario Meets Peach
Plays: 6743
Effing Worms Xmas
Plays: 2270
Spiderman Jump
Plays: 3079
Plays: 1979
Vampire Kitten
Plays: 6697
Angry Mario
Plays: 5061
Vampire In Da Hood
Plays: 5437
Be The Slayer
Plays: 3855
Plays: 2520
Plays: 2674
Gangster Bros
Plays: 2736
Super Mafia Bros
Plays: 40716
Super Mario Bomber
Plays: 4897
Drac Attack
Plays: 2338
Halo 2D
Plays: 6672
Kamikaze VampFlyer
Plays: 3497
Minecraft Builder
Plays: 3013
Spider-Man Escape
Plays: 2202
Kill the Plumber
Plays: 1687
MINER in War
Plays: 1329
Xmas Frenzy
Plays: 1391
Mario Battle
Plays: 1513
Grumpy Gramp Mario
Plays: 1533
Mission Midwinter
Plays: 2327

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