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News › Nordic Gears of War Execution League
Nordic Gears of War Execution League

Gears of War

Livegamers arranges a Gears of War Execution league for northern European users. Contest is open to legal residents of:


Tournament rules are as competetive as possible taking example from one of the worlds most respected competetive gaming communities, Major League Gaming. This is the event which will determine the best from the worst and if your clan hasn't signed up yet, go do it now!

There's already some of the best European clans signed up for the league: Finnish HardCore and Invalid Mob.

About Finnish HardCore:
29 matches - 28 wins (97 %), 1 losses (3 %)


Tournament gold 1st on Gears of Live '07 Tournament
Currently @ semi-finals/finals on MatchBox360 Execution tournament

About Invalid Mob:
41 matches - 40 wins (98 %), 1 losses (2 %)


CB ladder gold 1st on ClanBase 4on4 Execution ladder
CB ladder gold 1st on ClanBase 2on2 Execution ladder
Currently @ semi-finals/finals on MatchBox360 Execution tournament

About rules:

Game modes and maps
All games are to be played with the Execution game mode.
Available maps:
- Canals
- Clocktower
- Fuel Depot
- Gridlock
- Mansion
- Mausoleum
- Old Bones
- Raven Down
- War Machine

Game Settings
1. Gametype = Execution
2. Number of Rounds = 5
3. Bleed-Out Duration = 30
4. Round Duration = 5
5. Friendly Fire = Yes
6. Weapons Swapped = Yes
7. Replace Hammer of Dawn with Boomshot
8. Replace Boltok Pistol with Hammerburst

Guidelines and allowed glitches
1. No leaving the normal boundaries of a map
2. No kicking players on the opposing team from the room once a game has started
3. No starting games until each player's status has been set to ready
4. Use of weapon/revive/stomp slide glitch (A+X on top of the object the glitch is to be performed to) is allowed
5. Use of long jump glitch (A+B with Lancer equipped close to an obstacle you can jump over of) is allowed
6. Use of any other glitches is strictly forbidden and will lead to severe penalties

How Do I Enter?

1. Go create a clan @ Livegamers
2. Sign up for the League

Good luck to all participants!

»» Gears of War Execution league

Posted by Mukelo on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 (05:59:39) (4097 reads)
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Gears of War

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