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News › MatchBox360 GoW Finals: imob vs. FHC
MatchBox360 GoW Finals: imob vs. FHC

Gears of War

Through many attempts of UK clans' trying to get imob.gow and Finnish HardCore disqualified, both have made it to the finals at MatchBox360 Gears of War - Execution 4vs4 tournament. We'll face each other again and Finnish HardCore is the only clan we've lost to in Gears of War of total 41 matches we've played.

FHC's and imob.gow's journey in the tournament wasn't easy. Our opponents were either racist and/or accused both teams of cheating.

FHC's first opponent hell have on fear accused them of glitching but couldn't back it up with any evidence and therefore the MatchBox360 admins let FHC go through. Hell have on fear themselves acted very immaturely, calling FHC foreign fuckers etc.

On the semi-finals, FHC beat Game Over who started to complain about FHC wanting to change host because of experiencing too much lag. Game Over was certain that their player fab17's host didn't lag. Things started to look different as FHC submitted proof of the lag as well as Game Over doing the weapon slide glitch.

What comes to imob.gow, everything went kind of ok except for typical whining from losers until our semi-final win against Kill3rhertz. kHz was certain we used the weapon slide glitch and said they have clear proof of it. Here is their proof, on Youtube: Invalid Mob Weapon slide nades.

Their sniper also claimed he could shoot anyone down who picks up the nades, so we had to do our own video which shows how to pick up the nades LEGIT, which we did before they QUIT the server: nadepicking.wmv

After all of this, we feel that we've entered an UK territory and are not welcome there. It's not MatchBox360's fault, but the UK clans which are participating it. Anyway, Finland is going to take a double victory in the tourney, that's for sure and no UK clans were expecting that. Predicted winner of this tournament was kHZ, Kill3rhertz, who we beat without losing any rounds.

Things surely are not the same what it used to be in The Waltons family... owned

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Posted by Mukelo on Thursday, March 15, 2007 (08:29:42) (3819 reads)
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Gears of War

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