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Halo PC Server to Halo CE

Halo PC

Yesterday we swapped our Halo PC server to Halo CE (Halo Custom Edition). The server is public with 10 slots and located in Germany. Currently it runs Blood Gulch CTF as default, but includes also few custom maps which currently are:

Blood Gulch Rail
H2 Warlock
Zanzibar Classic

All maps we are planning to run on the server will be available for download in our pages. This server will also be used in the forthcoming Road to Halo 2 Vista-cup.

» Server Details
» Halo CE & Maps Downloads
» R2H2V Cup Discussion

Posted by Mukelo on Friday, November 03, 2006 (03:15:22) (6691 reads)
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New member for Halo PC Team

Halo PC Yesterday we got a valuable enforcer to our Halo PC Team: Monkey, a very experienced and skilled player joined our roster. Invalid Mob welcomes him to our fami)ly with open hands and lots of brainslime!


Next step in our magical travelling in the world of Halo PC will be KLAN WARS, which is the world's most active competition arena for this wonderful game.

Important update!

Monkey has announced that he will quit Halo PC and the gaming scene alltogether. We wish him luck in the future and hope he'll be interested in gaming again, since it's owned

We are still recruiting talented players, click here for info.

Posted by Mukelo on Thursday, August 10, 2006 (09:12:44) (3258 reads)
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Halo PC Server Available

Halo PC Invalid Mob has rented a high quality Halo PC server from After doing pinging to various servers from X3M, and UK based servers, we found out that the German Halo server provided by has the lowest and most stable pings. As a test, we rented it for 1 month and will probably continue the subscription.

Server details:

Name: Invalid Mob Multigaming
Slots: 12 Player public

Current maplist is temporary and we are open for suggestions.

Related links:

» Suggest New Gametypes
» Real-time Server Status Monitoring

Posted by Mukelo on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 (03:57:28) (3739 reads)
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Halo PC Team Going European

Halo PC Our Finnish line-up in Halo PC has always had troubles playing together at the same time. This is mostly because of prioritized personal activities overriding gaming. Therefore, we've made the decision to start recruiting European players to our Halo PC Team.

As a first official foreign member, we welcome bLaMe! to our roster. He's actually a former i)-member who left us beacuse we couldn't do anything creative (read: we were lazy).

Would you be interested in joining our Halo PC Team? Here are the general requirements:

• Active and skilled European player
• Ability to communicate in English via Ventrilo
• Headset
• Age - not that important but definately over 14 years.
• Mature behaviour and ability to take orders: intelligent teamplay qualities.

We don't offer much, but:

• E-mail, f.ex. (unlimited account amounts)
• Subdomain, f.ex. AND/OR with PHP and MySQL databases (unlimited amounts)
• Ventrilo Server
• Gaming Server (with FTP, RCON & WWW admin access)
• A role in our beautiful fami)ly Smile

To contact us:

» Contact Us form
» IRC channel #invalidmob @ QuakeNet
» Forums

You can also talk with us in MSN, if you have the addresses owned Feel also free to leave a message to in comment-section of this newsitem along with you're contact details.

Posted by Mukelo on Monday, July 10, 2006 (02:40:54) (3772 reads)
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Halo PC Cup Over for i)

Halo PC After losing the match vs. qM, we didn't make it to the playoffs. We played a total of 4 matches, with 2 wins and 2 losses:

i) vs. 35 Gaming! 1 : 0
i) vs. Team NiceXstyle gaming! 3 : 1
i) vs. SoulTakers 0 : 10
i) vs. Question Mark 0 : 1

From now on, we are planning to recruit European players to our Halo PC roster and practise in Klanwars community for future Halo PC cups. More info on that asap.

Posted by Mukelo on Sunday, July 02, 2006 (23:51:57) (3776 reads)
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